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Novel Finish Line

Build you confidence in your writing and editing skills, and get the moral support you need, to see your novel to the finish line.

Supporting you from start to finish

Would you like a course that guides you through the novel-writing process, from focusing your ideas, right through to plotting, characterisation, and description?

Look no further! This limited-time course includes workshops designed to help you build your writing confidence, come up with the perfect obstacles for your characters, and make your characters so realistic, when you talk about them, everyone will think they're real people.

Get accountable

It's all very well and good knowing these things, but what about if you get stuck? That's why you also get a support call on 25 August. Course participants and podcast patrons will sit down on Zoom to talk and troubleshoot.

Whether you can join us for the support call or not, you'll get lifetime access to all 5 workshops.

How's it work?

When you sign up, you'll get instant access to five workshops—Creative Confidence Class, How to Write Character Arcs, Consequences and Limitations, How to Write Realistic Characters, and Dialogue and Description.

You can watch them in any order that you like, at any pace you like.


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Thank you so much!

I am just at the beginning of my writing journey, and this course has given me so much information to help writing realistic well-rounded characters in my stories.

About Character Creation Crash Course

Michelle Nieves

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Wonderful insight for a beginner writer

I really enjoyed this course. I am new to writing, and it gave me a deep perspective of how important it is to know who my character is, and gave a clear path on how to figure it out.

About Character Creation Crash Course

Lindsey Dierlam

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Novel Finish Line Includes...

Creative Confidence Class

Would you like to improve the confidence, resilience, and focus skills you need to succeed as a writer?

In this workshop, we’ll cover the focus, mindset, and productivity techniques you need to achieve—and even surpass—your writing goals. These transferable skills will help you in every aspect of your life. You’ll feel more confident in your skills, happier with your progress, and inspired to keep writing. Whatever you write, these skills will arm you with everything you need to succeed.

How to Write Character Arcs—Whatever Your Genre

A character arc can be an effective way to add depth to your characters and make your plot more interesting to read, regardless of your genre.

Using the 1999 film The Mummy as an example, we're going to break down the different types of character arcs, how they make your reader feel, and how you can use them in your writing.

Consequences and Limitations—In Fantasy Writing and Beyond

Grounding characters’ actions with real-life consequences can make your characters more realistic and your stories more page-turning, whatever genre you’re in. On the other hand, when your characters don’t suffer the consequences of their actions…readers can put your book down faster than you can say ‘bad marketing’.

That's why we're looking at how you can make life harder for your characters so that your story is stronger and your readers can't look away.

How to Write Realistic Characters

Are you struggling to write realistic characters? Do you want to know your characters better than you know your best friend? Would you like to craft characters so realistic, your readers remember them—long after they’ve turned the final page? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is exactly what you need.

Dialogue and Description: How to Make Them Work Together to Bring Your Book to Life

Many of us love writing dialogue…or description. Some genres are heavy on one or the other. But what if it didn’t need to be an either/or thing? What if we could look at the relationship between them and how they can bring each other—and your book—to life?

You'll come away understanding why balancing both is important, how to do it in a way that develops your story's pace, and gives new life to your characters.

Who can benefit from Novel Finish Line?

Novel Finish Line is perfect for you if you're:

✔️ Muddling your way through a first draft

✔️ Struggling to finish your work in progress

✔️ Think your characters need more depth

✔️ Unsure what obstacles to put in your characters' ways

✔️ Worried your pacing is too slow/too fast

✔️ In need of accountability and moral support

About your guide

Kristina Adams is the author of 20 books, including 3 books for writers. After studying for an MA in Creative Writing, she set up The Writer's Cookbook, which now helps 35,000 writers a month to develop their craft, mindset, and publishing skills.

She published her first book while working full-time and moving house, and several others while battling fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. She's here to prove to you that no matter what obstacles life throws in your way, you've got this.

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It revealed my characters' true feelings

It revealed my characters' true feelings without being direct. Great exercise. It helped me see my other main character is actually jealous of the protagonist. I found the dialogue between the two characters changes over the course of the story, as their level of self-confidence changes.

About How to Write Realistic Characters

— Di Scotte

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Immediately applicable to my work in progress

A really helpful breakdown of character arcs in their different types, with examples and formulas which not only made things very clear, but made the lessons learned immediately applicable to my work in progress. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to add depth to their characters and weave their different arcs into a cohesive and coherent plot. People always say that genre novels are heavy on plot, whereas literary novels are heavy on character. You know what? Get them right and you can have both a riveting plot and wonderfully realised characters. This course will help you achieve that.

About How to Write Character Arc—Whatever Your Genre

— G M White

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Wonderfully encompassing

As a person who loves characterisation and considers it very important, I found Kristina’s advice to be wonderfully encompassing of the main points of what a character arc is, why it’s important, and how to make improvements. Her way of explaining things is very clear and engaging. If you have trouble with characters and don’t understand how to help a character grow across the arc of your story, this course is a perfect fit for you. 

About How to Write Character Arcs - Whatever Your Genre

— Cassie Kelly