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From Idea to Income

How to grow your readership, build your authority, and make money blogging

This course will help you

Write killer content

If your writing sucks, no one will keep reading. The end. Goodbye. Game over.

So how do you ensure that what you write is stellar enough to stand out?

In this course, Kristina will share with you what she's learned from decades’ of writing experience so that you can craft content that’s enticing and engaging. You’ll never be stuck for ideas again.

Attract your audience

What good is great content without readers?

Discover how to attract your audience with SEO, social media, guest posting, and email marketing.

All that sound like a lot of work? Don’t worry. You’ll learn ways to make sure it isn’t. Your readers will come to you as easily as Siri tells you the weather forecast.

Make money writing

Isn’t that the dream? To make money from the words you put onto the page?

We'll take everything we've learned and apply it to how you can monetise your writing skills.


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Definitely worth the value

If you really want to improve your blog, if you’re struggling with building your audience, this course will definitely help you. The teaching is easy to understand. The lessons are small and bite-sized. It’s definitely worth the value. So give it a try. Save up the money if you can, and definitely check out The Writer’s Cookbook (because it’s awesome!).

— Cassie Kelly

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Great course

Detailed and engaging thus far. Thank you.

— Gemma Patricio

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You've totally got this

Kristina has a way of teaching that makes things easy to understand and reassures you that you’ve totally got this whether you’ve been writing for years or you’re just starting out.

— Ellie Betts

Join today and you’ll get:

✅ Lifetime access

✅ Reusable downloads

✅ 59 bite-sized lessons and guides

Why should you blog?

  • Why blogging is more relevant than ever
  • What content marketing and why it matters
  • How to make your blog stand out – and why it needs to
  • The difference between blog posts and articles...and why you should NEVER treat them the same

Includes: Video tutorials

How to identify your audience

  • Why your blog needs a consistent topic/theme
  • How to decide on your blog's topic/theme
  • Voice and tone: what are they and why are they important?
  • The best ways to find your blog's voice
  • Why you need brand values and how to choose yours

Includes: Video tutorials, worksheets

SEO & Keywords

  • What is SEO?
  • What are keywords and why do they matter?
  • How to choose the right keywords for your content
  • Ways to stand out against your competitors – even when they're bigger than you

Includes: Video tutorials, walkthroughs

Writing and editing killer blog posts

  • The best ways to structure your post for maximum readability and engagement
  • Formulas for titles and subtitles
  • Calls to action: why they matter and how to make the most of them
  • Why you need to write for readability (and how to do it)
  • Self-editing tips
  • How to take feedback
  • How to give feedback to your peers and guest contributors

Includes: Video tutorials, templates

BONUS: Feedback on your post from Kristina

Ways to promote your content

  • Why you need a marketing strategy and how to create one
  • Tips for growing your email list and engaging with it
  • Organic and paid reach on social media
  • Guest posting and how it works

Includes: Video tutorials

Running a successful blog

  • Content scheduling and stockpiling – and why it matters
  • Choosing your content type
  • The pros and cons of publishing guest posts

Includes: Video tutorials

How to monetise your blog

  • Tips for building a following that will buy from you
  • Ways to earn money from your blog, whatever your background

Includes: Video tutorials

Meet your instructor

Kristina Adams

Bestselling author, blogger, and marketer.

Kristina Adams is the bestselling author of seven novels, two novellas, and three nonfiction books for writers.

Her blog, The Writer's Cookbook, has helped over 100,000 writers develop their writing craft and mindset. She's also taught in-person and online courses for writers on topics including mindset, blogging and writing.

When she isn't writing, she's baking or taking naps with her dog Millie.

Join today and you’ll get:

✅ Lifetime access

✅ Reusable downloads

✅ 59 bite-sized lessons and guides

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