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Creative Confidence Class

Grow your creative confidence

Trust your writing skills

Would you like to improve the confidence, resilience, and focus skills you need to succeed as a writer?

In this one-off workshop, we’ll cover the focus, mindset, and productivity techniques you need to achieve – and even surpass – your writing goals.

Whether your goal is to finally finish that book, publish it, or something else entirely, these transferable skills will help you in every aspect of your life.

You’ll feel more confident in your skills, happier with your progress, and inspired to keep writing.

Whatever you write, these skills will arm you with everything you need to succeed.

Get better at:

Goal setting.

Discover how to set more effective writing goals – that are easier to stick to.

Free writing.

Learn how to turn off your inner critic and get more words onto your page.


Find out how being kind to yourself makes you more productive – even if it gives you less time to write.


Tune out distractions so that you can focus on your writing, no matter how long you have to write.

We'll explore:

✔️ The mindset hacks you need to fight your self-doubt

✔️ The real reasons you get writer’s block

✔️ Why you can’t focus when writing – and how to change it

✔️ Techniques I use to write 14,000 words in a day – while still having time to do chores and play games

✔️ How to overcome what’s holding you back once and for all


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Kristina Adams is the bestselling author of Productivity for Writers. She’s been featured in Mark Dawson’s Self-Publishing Formula, The Creative Penn, The Huffington Post, and more. Her books have reached the top 20 on Amazon UK, and #1 for fiction and nonfiction categories all over the world.

But it took her years to get to the point where she could write 14,000 words in a day. Thanks to her chronic health issues, she’s had to learn the most painful way the importance of how to work hard, and rest harder. Which makes her the perfect person to set you up for success.


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Kristina will instil confidence in you without ever being aloof or condescending. In fact, her warmth and reassuring approach is what I most remember and appreciated.

— C.K.Golding

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Kristina has helped me to control my need to add every possible idea into my story and to write a coherent and compelling plot as well create realistic characters. She instils confidence into you and helps you wade through the all the negativity that writers put themselves through, helping you find the positives.

— E.V.Rivers

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Kristina has a way of teaching that makes things easy to understand and reassures you that you’ve totally got this whether you’ve been writing for years or you’re just starting out.

— Ellie Betts

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